STACK for Computational Science, Mathematics and Engineering e-Learners




E-assessment, E-Learning, Interactive Delivery, Mathematics, STACK, STEM


E-Learning platforms such as Moodle, Blackboard and Canvas have got reasonable attention in teaching and learning processes. However, when it comes to assessment and interactive learning activities they offer little service to science, engineering, and mathematics e-learners. In this work, we present the application of the System for Teaching and Assessment using Computer Algebra Kernel (STACK) as a plugin in a Learning Management System (LMS) to address the issue. Different features of STACK are demonstrated and discussed. As an LMS plugin, STACK can be used for interactive delivery of content as well as an assessment tool. Here, examples from mathematics, physical sciences and engineering are demonstrated. The use of STACK extends the applicability of LMS for a wider range of subjects to address existing inability to handle higher level mathematical and computational skills. Additionally, the use of STACK in an LMS is useful in handling tutorials for large classes especially when a blended delivery mode is preferred.


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Amour, I. S. (2024). STACK for Computational Science, Mathematics and Engineering e-Learners. Tanzania Journal of Engineering and Technology, 42(4), 69-80.
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