Notes for Peers Review

Tanzania Journal of Engineering and Technology (Tanz. J. Engrg. Technol.) are grateful to the reviewers who give their expertise, energy and time to review articles submitted to our Journal. Our Journal uses a double-blind peer review system in which the reviewer's identity will always remain confidential to the author(s). To make review process easier to the reviewers, the following outlines is possibly useful to the reviewers.

  1. To ensure that our Journal publishes articles of high quality, it is essential that reviewer's provide the Editorial board with critical constructive comments of the highest academic standards. A reviewer is expected to provide detailed feedback for authors along with clear and specific suggestions for improvements of the manuscript.
  2. To ensure that author(s) receive decisions on the outcome of review process, reviewers are requested to complete reviews within the time frame provided, which is usually 3 weeks. Reviewers who need extension of time may request extension through the subject editor or chief editor by email. We aim to inform authors as quickly as possible of the outcome, and will let both reviewers know the result and see the other reviewer’s report.
  3. The subject editors try to assign manuscripts in accordance with the reviewer's areas of expertise. However, if the reviewer do not feel confident to review the manuscript, he/she is requested to inform the editorial board as soon as practicable.
  4. For general guidelines, reviewer may wish to refer to the Instructions for Authors.
  5. The reviewer is requested to ensure that the review and any attachments give no indication of your identity as reviewer.
  6. The objective of the review process is to identify potentially problematic areas of the article. Therefore the reviewer is expected to make suggestions for improvement of the manuscript as constructively as possible. However, the reviewer should also recognize strong points and encouragement where appropriate, and avoid any comments that might be provocative.
  7. The reviewer may write comments directly on the manuscript, but he/she is also expected to fill the attached MANUSCRIPT REVIEW FORM.

Download review form HERE.