Production of Biofertilizer from Fruit and Garden Waste




Biofertilizer Production, Fruits Waste, Pineapple Tops, Garden Waste, Composting


The project focused on the production of bio-fertilizer from fruit and garden waste, with a specific emphasis on utilizing pineapple tops in the composting process. The objective was to produce and assess the properties of the bio fertilizer obtained from this process and evaluate its potential application in agriculture. In this study, the composting process was done in a 0.7 m long, 0.85 wide and 1.1 m high vessel, and 0.238 m 3 pineapple top wastes, resulting in 0.35 m 3 of biofertilizer. The bio fertilizer produced exhibited favorable characteristics, including a moisture content of 36%, pH of 7.1, and a total organic matter content of 40.4%. Analysis revealed that the bio fertilizer contained levels of potassium 5770 ppm, lead 60 ppm, and cadmium 2 ppm. These properties indicate that the bio fertilizer has favorable moisture content, neutral pH, and significant organic matter. Additionally, it contains potassium in significant quantities while having low levels of lead and cadmium, ensuring its safety for agricultural use.


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Msuya, N., Angelina Lucas, M., & Katima, Z. (2024). Production of Biofertilizer from Fruit and Garden Waste. Tanzania Journal of Engineering and Technology, 43(1), 158-168.
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