Smart Grid in Tanzania: Research Opportunities




research areas, smart grid, smart meter


During the past five years, the Government of Tanzania has reinvigorated its power generation capacity significantly to ensure smooth execution of its industrialization agenda and cope with the fourth industrial revolution. To ensure reliable availability of power to sustain its growing economy, Tanzania embarked on a deliberated measure to forge an energy mix. This deliberate measure encompasses the use of renewable energy technologies such as wind, solar, biomass, wastes, and micro hydro; natural gas; and other energy sources which are locally available including coal and geothermal. To effectively and efficiently manage such a growing power system and make electricity accessible to all for higher levels of industrial investment and services, the adoption of the smart grid technologies becomes inevitable. This article, tried to unveil possible potential research areas in which scholars, through academia-industry collaborations, can dwell to ensure that the Tanzania smart grid concept is seamlessly realized and maintained, with the expected efficacy. Through literature review, nine research areas have been identified as potential areas relevant to the Tanzania smart grid development.


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ABDALLA, A., & Ibwe, K. (2023). Smart Grid in Tanzania: Research Opportunities. Tanzania Journal of Engineering and Technology, 42(2), 170-183.
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